Workplace Bullying

It’s a book about workplace bullying and harassment


My boss behaves just like Gordon Ramsay. Do I have to put up with it?

No matter where you live – Africa, Belgium, Canada, Dubai, England or anywhere else – workplace bullying is a huge problem for victims and their families.

Bullies everywhere will operate in much the same way, but understanding of workplace bullying and support for victims is sadly lacking in most workplaces all over the world

If you have done any research, you will have learned that there are plenty of books and websites that will give you a “definition” of workplace bullying. We don’t need to repeat any of that here; you will know if you are being bullied. If someone close to you describes what is going on at their workplace, you will know when the line has been crossed – the line between acceptable and unacceptable workplace behavior. Most people a very good instinct about when they are being bullied or harassed.

The problem with most books that offer advice on dealing with workplace bullying is simply this; they are very narrowly focused on the bullying conduct, on how that makes the victim feel, and often make simple suggestions such as, “You should stand up to a bully” or “You don’t have to put up with it.”

By the time a victim fully realizes what is really happening at work, the bullying problem has usually become quite complicated. Simple answers like the ones above will not do the job, because people in trouble at work don’t normally start looking for outside help until things have become really serious.

Workplace lawyer and author of How to Beat Your Boss: The Workplace Survival Guide Terry McHugh deeply understands these issues through his years of advising all kinds of workers in trouble; from executives, professional people (even including other lawyers) teachers, police officers, nurses and other health care workers, trades people, laborers and factory workers.  Unlike many unqualified writers on this important subject, Terry knows what works in real workplaces.  Practical and legal advice about workplace bullying and harassment is the by far the most frequent request received at his employment law practice. (Terry has mastered this subject from other perspectives too, not just as a lawyer. Check his profile on the About the Author page and you will understand why he is in a unique positions to help you.)

Terry shares lots of tips and advice, helping you to work through any type of workplace issue, conflict, dispute or other worrying situation. For example, in real workplaces bullying conduct is usually accompanied by other unlawful conduct, and this can often be a key to beating a bully boss or a bully co-worker.

Terry’s advice is backed up by lots of true-to-life case studies and insights into patterns of behavior that can help readers interpret situations at work.

Organizational bullying

How to Beat Your Boss: The Workplace Survival Guide explains how some employers use internal employee grievance processes to bully and intimidate workers. Author Terry McHugh calls this “institutional bullying” and he explains how to handle the inevitable pressures.

Many employers have a quite distinct “culture of bullying” which filters from the top.

Learn what you should do to protect yourself when the whole organization seems to be against you.

Bullying by co-workers

Frequently the workplace bully is not a boss – it’s a co-worker who seems to get on well with the manager.  What can you do in this situation?


Psychopaths in workplaces are a very real, very common and grossly underestimated phenomenon. They can be bosses or co-workers. Most victims don’t understand what is happening to them until things have gotten way out of control.

Regrettably, many lawyers, doctors and others who try to help workplace victims grossly underestimate the complexities involved because they simply don’t know what they’re dealing with.

Terry is a workplace lawyer who has developed a rare insight into the way workplace psychopaths operate, and the devastation they can cause to innocent individuals in the workplace.

How to Beat Your Boss: The Workplace Survival Guide lists the telltale signs that let you know when you are at risk, and how to shield yourself and your family members.