It’s a book about women and workplaces

Here’s an important question; do workplace disputes affect female employees differently?

Yes they do!

Memo all politicians, judges and employers; can we please make it official? Women are different, and their workplace needs are different.

Author T J McHugh has observed first hand how workplace issues can have remarkably different effects, depending on the gender of people involved. He explores those differences and sharing those results will be a big for help you at work, regardless of your gender.

This differential effect also operates within families; for example, where one partner has a serious issue at work, the reaction and preferred response of the other partner may add even further stress to the situation, causing relationship difficulties. The role of a partner in a workplace crisis is an important one that needs to be brought into the open.

Boot the Boss 5
Give your boss the boot!

Women as bosses

Are you having problems with a female boss? Should your boss’s gender -or yours – make any difference to the way you approach a dispute or negotiation?

Maybe it should! See what an expert workplace lawyer has to say on these important and interesting topics.

Sexual harassment

Despite being outlawed for a long time now, many bosses either don’t get it or they just don’t care; sexual harassment is unlawful. Some offend with impunity. These offenders are often part of a sub-class of crooked employers who are also likely to breach numerous other laws, including occupational health and safety, discrimination and tax laws. Most are also workplace bullies.

Parents beware! There are sleazy bosses and workers out there who will cunningly exploit a young worker’s vulnerability. This is a problem area, often involving school-age workers doing part-time or weekend jobs. Some have become victims of unscrupulous employers.

Ideally both you and your kids will read though the disturbing case examples, and be alert to the cunning ways these predators operate.

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