It’s a book about workplace discrimination

What is discrimination?

This is a confusing topic for many people in workplaces. What is legal and what isn’t? Case studies make it easy to understand the concepts.

Race discrimination and religious discrimination

You’d think that as we progress further into the 21st century, with a global economy and increasing international travel, that cultural and religious differences would be less of an issue for employers. But author T J McHugh thinks that we still have a very long way to go before workplaces are free of prejudice and bigotry. We also need to ensure that legal systems and judicial officers are themselves more tolerant and respectful of diversity.

Disability and illness discrimination…

…sexual preference discrimination; gender discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, and family responsibilities discrimination

Each of these types of discrimination is discussed individually, with case examples to make them simple to understand.

Age discrimination: young employees

Don’t let your kids fall prey to an unscrupulous employer. Young workers are often mistreated by employers. You will be able to share some insights about how the legal system itself discriminates against them.

Mature age workers are at risk of age discrimination

The author has seen tragic cases involving workers towards the other end of the age spectrum. Long-serving loyal employees, close to retirement age, can have their plans thrown into chaos by being unexpectedly thrown out of work. What can they do?

T J considers some approaches, and also discusses how older workers should deal with age-prejudiced recruiters and employment agents who don’t understand what is really on offer.