At last – a book for everybody who has a boss

Welcome to the home page of “How to beat Your Boss: The Workplace Survival Guide”

This exciting and fun-to-read book will help you understand where you really stand as an employee, and answer questions such as:

  • “How do I deal with a work dispute or crisis? Am I really prepared?”
  • “I hate my boss. Should I resign?”
  • “Can my boss really treat me like that?”
  • “Am I entitled to I sue? And should I go to court?”
  • “I just want to know my rights. Where do I start?”

It’s a book about your rights at work

Right from Chapter 1, “All Bosses are Bastards,” your whole family will love this practical and easy to read book.

How to Beat Your Boss 
is essential reading for anyone who has a boss. Even if you don’t have a problem right now, one day you probably will. The Workplace Survival Guide will arm you with valuable information. Learn the telltale signs of looming trouble, and be prepared.

Bosses often unfairly exploit workers who don’t understand their basic  rights, and many employees go to work year after year without having a good understanding of the rules that apply.

You wouldn’t drive a motor vehicle unless you knew the road rules, so why would you spend your working life in the dark? Grab this unique opportunity to shift the power balance between you and your employer.

It’s a book to help you if you lose your job

Help! I’ve just been fired. Where do I start?

Start right here, with How to Beat Your Boss: The Workplace Survival Guide.

An unexpected change in your employment situation—including loss of employment—can be devastating for you and your loved ones. What should you do first when your whole way of life is threatened? This practical book will guide you through the chaos.

Feedback we have received from readers is consistent; they say that reading through How to Beat Your Boss: The Workplace Survival Guide has definitely made them feel a lot better about their problem situation. We believe you will too, right from the very first page.

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…and see for yourself why this book represents an excellent investment for you or your family

Author and workplace lawyer
Terry McHugh
Melbourne, Australia

Easy to understand, with dozens of interesting case studies and examples. If you can read this website, you’re sure to find and understand all the useful tips in the book.

This book was specially written for readers everywhere. Whether you are from USA, UK, Europe, Africa or Asia-Pacific, you will learn workplace fundamentals and survival skills that everyone should know.

Because it’s based on long-established legal principles, this book won’t go out of date and is sure to be a  useful reference to keep in your family bookcase.

The on-screen antics of TV stars like Gordon Ramsay, Donald Trump and Sir Alan Sugar can lead to copycat behaviors by bullying bosses in real workplaces. Where does this leave you and your family members? Don’t wait until trouble strikes. Learn lots of useful tips as you develop your workplace survival instincts.

Please, don’t let your kids venture into the workforce before they have read this important book. This is a reference work to keep in your family bookcase for years to come.